That One Time I Was the Star of a Sex Party

Updated: Apr 20, 2019

I had no idea what the scene was going to be like. My agent just sent me a call sheet saying who I was working for, who I was working with, and what time I had to be there. I was working for Kink, a porn site known for their BDSM and rough scenes. I was working with Ramon Nomar, Karlee Grey and Aiden Starr. All fucking exceptional co-stars (pun intended). I got on a flight to San Fransisco, and did my normal anal prep for my scene. Karlee, who had been in the business much longer than I had, assured that it was super fun and that it was just a regular scene, but, with about 100 people watching, and they were also fucking.

I peeked my head outside as I heard more and more people come in. The people who were arriving didn't look like "freaks". They looked like regular shmegular joes, just coming to a regular shmegular party. Except this wasn't a regular fucking party. It was one with sex. Rough sex. Rough anal sex.

Once my makeup was done and my asshole was all prepped, Aiden started to tie me up. She tied my tiny titties up in a haltered rope-bra thing. I was wearing a simple bustier, heels, said rope- bra, and thigh-high stockings. My first scene involved Karlee spanking the shit out of me, and then getting a bunch of clothespins pinned on my body. I had to recite some shit that I don't remember now, and if I got it wrong (or maybe it was if I got it right?) a stranger from the party had to rip a clothespin off of me. I definitely enjoyed it. I loved the kink factor. I'm a total exhibitionist and I fucking loved having people watch me be a slut. I was obsessed with the interaction between me and a literal stranger, not only seeing my naked body, but ripping fucking clothespins off of it. It didn't feel good physically, these fuckers were pulling them off really slowly to purposely cause me a little pain. But mentally, it felt amazing, and the brain is obviously the biggest erogenous zone.

Right after that (or maybe before, my memory is trash). They had my hands tied up above my head, and a Hitachi on my pussy. I had to scream out "I serve the house! I serve the house" every time I came. They might have been pulling clothespin while this was all going on. I should really just rewatch the fucking scene.

We wrapped that scene up and took a break. My body was covered in little red marks from where the clothespins once were, and my ass was super red. I took a bunch of pics and relished in what a good little slut I was.

Afterwards, Ramon fucked my ass while Karlee ate my pussy. It was glorious.

The next scene I was in a squatting position holding up two buckets to catch Karlee's squirt. It was the hardest 7 minutes of my life. I have weak fucking legs, and there was a Hitachi on my pussy!! And heels!! How the fuck are my legs supposed to hold me up if I'm cumming? I remember I was trying so hard. It was actually the hardest I've ever tried in my life, honestly. I had to cum, in heels, hold myself up and catch my co-workers squirt. It was hot, and again, mentally I loved it, but physically my body just couldn't fucking do it.

Between the bucket scene and my next one where I was fully suspended, I'm pretty sure I was just getting fucked in the ass a whole bunch and asking the audience for permission to cum. Which is my favorite shit. My ex used to make me ask him all the time and I think its the hottest thing in the world. I really do enjoy being submissive, I don't think I could ever do femdom or anything like that. Actually scratch that, totally on my bucket list. Asking people to cum is the best cause when they say no at first, and you literally have to hold it in. And then when you do cum, its just, fucking magical. It's ecstasy. So I would wait till the audience egged me on, and then I would ask to cum. and I would- really fucking hard. Cumming like that in front of people is a whole next level dopamine rush. I'll don't think I'll ever get exact feeling again. There is something so liberating about being naked in front of people. And fucking in front of people, and getting anally fucked in front of people.. I like to picture it from their perspective. I mean, all of these people are perverts (I mean that as a total compliment), and most likely used to this kinda stuff, but still. They see a young girl getting voluntarily, and happily pounded in front of all them. I would love to be on their side of it one day.

My next scene was the fucking best 30 minutes of my life. Hands down. I don't remember how it started but remember how it ended. Somewhere during the scene, Ramon kinda dragged me around the room. I'm barely thinking at this point, so I'm just going with the flow and following him. Even if I was thinking, I would always follow a hot naked man.

I followed him across the room where he eventually started fucking me on top of people. He cleared off a table where he laid me down. Everyone was looking at me from above, as the table was obviously shorter than them. I wanted to cum when Ramon made me ask this older woman next to me. She looked like a teacher. I don't know why, but she looked like she taught 11th grade American Literature. I begged her to cum, thinking she would say yes right away. But, she didn't. She told me I couldn't. And she fucking made me beg more. I told her I would give her anything she wanted if she just gave me permission to cum. While all of this was going on, I was still kinda shocked in my head, that she said no, and a part of my brain was tripping out over how normal she looked. She just seemed like somebody's mother, maybe even a grandma, who could give you a really good character analysis on Holden Caulfield.

After this, Ramon fucked me doggy while I was facing two businessmen in suits. I was in so much pleasure at this point. I wanted to do this all day. I really wanted to. My whole body was shaking and I felt so relaxed. I had cum more times than I could count and all of my senses were heightened while also being totally calm.

The businessmen let me cum right away when I asked them, which was very nice of them. Afterwards, Ramon crabbed walk around while I chased his dick like some kind of animal chasing a meal. I think I blacked out around this time cause the next thing I remember I was being suspended by ropes, telling Ramon to cum in my ass.

After the scene, some lady came up to me and told me how well I did and rubbed her hand down my back. She looked at me kinda motherly, but also like she wanted to fuck me. It was cool. I've never felt so proud after getting anally fucked on camera. I felt like a little barbie doll that everyone wanted to play with.

Fuck. Am I a narcissistic whore?

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