Conclusions I Came to While on Psychedelics with a Rockstar & a Graffiti Artist

Disclosure: All psychedelics done were in a safe environment, and distributed by experienced and knowledgeable soul, please do not try to use psychedelics medicinally and therapeutically without consulting an expert. I say this on behalf of everyone in this story.

Now.... story time.

Last week, I was into the studio, recording my show, Luckyslut Radio, the way I do every Wednesday. I brought on 3 fucking guest, so get ready to listen to a bunch of bitches talking over one another. The star of the show was adult film star, Chanell Heart, who was so much fun to talk to. I also had my friend Maddie on, who was my guest last podcast (May 3rd), and my friend Tal. We talked about a bunch of things; anal sex, if squirt is just pee, and how we each masturbate. We also talked about Dave Navarro, cause apparently he records his podcast right next to mine.

Since I am, overall, an uncultured whore, I had literally no idea who this man was. My only thought was, "holy fuck, he can GET this pussy". Maddie, a music aficionado, recognized him right away. Apparently, he's a legend. He's a rockstar, artist, and psychedelic enthusiast. We met him after recording, were he was on shrooms, very intuitive of everyones energy. He invited us to go to his place and do some enlightening drugs. Chanell had to go, and my two lame ass friends decided against going.

So that's how I ended up in Dave Navarros house, with his guest from the podcast that day, Graffiti Artist, Rimes I-Don't-Know-His-Last-Name, and a third guy, whose name I have forgotten, as he didn't say much, but still, was a very a cool presence.

To get to the fucking point, I show up and Dave is cocooned in a black blanket, which he ensured me was faux fur, and an eye mask on. He looked like a bat, and it absolutely fucking killed me. That's the only detail I'll give regarding everyone's psychedelic journey as to respect their trip, but some things tickle me to my core, and that was one of them. I ate 4 shroom-filled chocolate squares, and within 20 minutes, the (really fucking cool) art on his wall started getting bigger, then smaller, then bigger again. They changed colors a bit and things started to look that they had waves on it, almost as if everything was ruffle potato chip. Touch started to feel really fucking good, and I totally started to peak. I decided to imitate Dave's very comfy bat cocoon I saw earlier. As I was under the (faux!!) fur blanket, I closed my eyes and started traveling. My mind jumped from one topic to another, and another.

After my trip settled a bit, Rimes, an incredibly talented graffiti artist gathered us around for a nice little enlightening session of DMT. Rimes is such an enlightened and beautiful soul, and made me feel so calm and safe. He was insanely intuitive and told me so much about myself. Honestly, he was on a completely other frequency and dimension than I've ever seen and someone who truly made an impression on me.

We put on a spa music Spotify playlist, and past around what looked like a regular marijuana vape, which by the fucking way (!!) was bluetoothed to a phone app, where he could control the temperature to his FUCKING DMT VAPE. That is some Silicone Valley shit right there. I took a few hits, closed my eyes, and started to feel the weirdest feelings, and see the weirdest shit. I came to a bunch of conclusions on my life, some funny, some sad and some just fucked up.

Here are the conclusions I came to while on mushrooms & DMT. And some thoughts. And some hallucinations. Enjoy.

1) Dave is SO hot.

2) I am not even remotely as artsy as I thought I was.

These people, were artsy as fuck. I like to paint, and I like to write, and play piano. I do artsy things, and I enjoy them, but I am not good at them.

3)What even defines "artsy"?

Does my want to be an artistic, creative soul suffice to label myself as a creative individual? To be "artsy" do I have to be good at it? Is my Lamictal dimming my creativity?

4) My Lamictal is for-fucking-sure dimming my creativity.

I used to be so creative, and my mind had so many fucking thoughts! Sometimes too many, but I still kind of liked them. Now, I'm not depressed, or manic, but fuck. I am not nearly as free-minded as I once was.

5) Being bipolar fucking sucks.

I take a lot of pride in it, because what the fuck else am I gonna do? But the fact that I have to choose to be stable, but dim, or unstable, but bright, isn't fucking fair.

6) I take pride in being bipolar as a total defense mechanism, cause if I don't take pride in it, it will totally eat me up.

7) Fuck, Dave is so fucking hot!!!!

8) I need to play piano more.

I love it, and I don't spend nearly as much time as I should, and I would be really good if I did.

9) Holy fucking shit, my gaped asshole is on the internet.

I had a mild laugh attack thinking about this.

10) A more emphasized version of my previous thought. HOLY FUCKING SHIT, MY GAPED ASSHOLE IS ON THE INTERNET.

11) I miss my mom.

12) I wonder what my dog is doing right now. I fucking love my dog.

13) I wonder what my cat is doing right now. I fucking love my cat.

14) Why aren't I crying yet?

15) I have no trauma, thats why I'm not fucking crying.

16) Holy shit, I am so fucking blessed.

I have so many people who love me and care for me and pay my bills. How did I get so lucky? Conclusion: I am a manifesting-ass-bitch. Thats why.

17) Why am I not sad when I think about my ex boyfriend?

Do I miss him? Is he just a habit thats hard to break? Conclusion: I miss him, not as much as I thought I would. Definitely a habit.

18) I should do shrooms more. I always feel so fucking good afterwards.

19) I need to pee really fucking bad, but I don't want to get up.

20) The reason I get so many UTI's is because I'm always holding my pee!

Note to self: pee more often.

21) I don't drink NEARLY enough water.

Is there a water app that will remind me? Even if it did remind me I wouldn't get up.

22) Why wouldn't I get up? Because I'm lazy. I have awful fucking qualities.

23) *inner head battle* You don't have bad qualities!!!

24) Everyone has bad qualities.

25) Okay, I definitely have some bad ones, but a lot of good ones too.

26) I need to do things the second they come into my mind. My life would be so much easier.

27) I really fucking miss my dog.

28) Holy shit, is Rimes' head becoming the head of The Son Of Man painting? I definitely see a green apple over his head.

29) This house is fucking cool. I hope I can come here again, just to play the fucking piano. What a beautiful piano. It's a Yamaha, I can sense it. (I was right)

30) I really suck at writing blog posts for Luckyslut. I should work on that.

31) I can't believe I have my own radio show? What the fuck is going on?

32) *starts singing What's up? By 4 non-blondes)*

33) Holy shit, DMT smells like old people home, because DMT is what you let out as you die, and old people are DYING!! FUCK.

34) I miss my grandma. I hope she doesn't die soon.

35) I miss my great aunt. She died recently. She was so fucking bright.

36) Fuck, I have everything I want in life.

37) I should go to therapy more, even though I really want to bang my therapist.

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