by Vanessa Sky




The day I turned 18, I knew what I wanted to do. I didn’t want to buy a lottery ticket or a pack of cigarettes. I didn’t want to move out and I definitely didn’t want to go to college. 


I wanted to fuck for money.


I was always infatuated by sex workers, and now, I proudly call myself one. 


My life has been nothing short of chaotic. I accredit most of the chaos to being bipolar, an affliction that, like most shitty things in life, has a silver lining. That silver lining? Increased sex drive.


 I'm 24 now, and I've lived more life than most. I've been a call girl and a stripper, and now,


 I fuck on camera for everyone to see. And nothing makes me happier. 

    She always gets the best parking spots and her nonchalant attitude is to credit. She's thoughtless, yet thoughtful. No one knows exactly how she makes her money, but she always has some around. Men always like her, and she always likes them. She spends Wednesday afternoons masturbating and Thursday nights hustling. She has nothing figured out, as well as everything figured out. She's the queen of finesse, and pulling off what others told her couldn't be done.